Professional and Eye-friendly Explainer Videos

Website visitors are less likely to read your text content nowadays.
Short, animated clips are the best to grab their attention and present your offer.

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What does the production process look like?


Contact us

Send us the details regarding your idea/product/business and - if you have one - your explainer video concept.

Getting to know your business

In this step, we try to learn as much about your business as possible. The reason for this is simple – the more we know about your idea or product and your goals, the better we will be able to explain them to your customers.

Voice-over script & storyboard

Time for some contecpt work! The story will need to be easy to understand and answer important questions: What problem does your product solve, and why is it worth for your customer necessary to buy it?

Approval / Modifications

If you like our ideas, we can move forward. Otherwise, feel free to let us know what we should change!

Production process

This is a very challenging phase, based on the prepared storyboard; we will bring in some of our characters, places and items to help present your business.

Approval & Voice-over choose

Once the animation is ready, we will send you the voice-over artist and background music demos. Select your favorite ones and let us know your picks.

The clip is ready!

In this final step, we will send you a finished video in HD quality. Of course, if you don’t like something about the video, we’d be more than happy to fix it for you immediately!

...and it's just perfect!

We belive that you are going to love the video that has been delivered, and it's going to make your customers smile!


Questions? Most frequent ones below!

We deliver the finished clip in an .mp4 format and 1080p (HD) quality by default. If you have different requirements, please let us know!

Depending on the complexity of the particular project - from 7 to 14 days.

It would be perfect if you could send us your company/product website but drafts are also fine. Besides that, send a few of most important things to highlight in the clip (optionally).

Totally! We always send the storyboard and voice-over script for your approval before starting the animating job. You can also require some changes once the clip is ready.

Yes, we can show your customers how to use your app/administration panel or any other website.